LEAP-28: Increase Council and Grants DAO Terms, Sync elections


Simple Summary

This LEAP proposes to increase Lyra Council and Grants DAO terms to 4 months and sync both election cycles.


If this proposal is passed, all subsequent Lyra Council and Grants DAO terms will be increased to 4 months and the Grants DAOs next election shall coincide with the next Lyra Council election. This will effectively extend the current Grants DAO term by two months. The Lyra Council established in LEAP-15 and Grants DAO established in LEAP-17 currently sits for 3 calendar months at a time.


Running elections too frequently creates unnecessary administrative overhead without any additional gains to decentralization.



Increasing the Lyra Council epochs by one month will reduce the number of elections held and eliminate unnecessary admin work and community strain.


The current 3 month epochs are too short and leave sitting council members rushing to pass through heavily discussed and researched programs prior to handoff to the next council. Additionally, running frequent elections can be a detriment to the productivity of the Council, Core Contributors and the Lyra Community.

Technical Specification

Test Cases

Configurable Values

Council Election Cycle = 4 Calendar Months

Grants DAO Election Cycle = 4 calendar Months

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