LEAP-27: DevCo


Simple Summary

Establish an Australian corporate entity, which can contract with the DAO as needed for various purposes, including, but not limited to, maintaining an interface for the protocol.


This LEAP proposes the creation of such an entity ‘Lyra Labs’. Following its establishment, the DAO (via the Council and a separate LEAP), can contract with this entity as needed.


Until there is a sufficient available decentralized hosting service, any user interface (as well as other future functions) must be maintained by individual entities.

There are a number of functions that would be beneficial to the DAO that currently require a centralized entity to execute. This includes, but is not limited to, maintaining and hosting an interface to the core protocol. This LEAP proposes the establishment of a candidate - Lyra Labs - who could fulfill this role.


  • Establish an entity: ‘Lyra Labs,’ with which the DAO can contract to perform functions independently from the DAO
  • Following establishment, the DAO (via the Council) to contract with this entity and formalize the relationship between the entity and the DAO for relevant purposes (via a separate LEAP)
  • The DAO/Council have the right to choose any entity for this process


In order to support an interface to the protocol in the long term, the DAO needs a formal entity which can:

  • Host user interfaces and files (currently via Netlify)
  • Use ETH nodes as a service, such as Infura and Alchemy
  • Use developer tools, such as analytics to understand user behaviour and centralized databases to store off-chain data.

All protocol-related functions will remain the domain of the DAO, this entity would solely exist to engage and interface with relevant parties in order to maintain and develop the user interface.

Test Cases


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