LEAP-25: Incentivising GrantsDAO


Simple Summary

This LEAP proposes to establish incentives for GrantsDAO and align them with that of Lyra Council.


GrantsDAO is to receive a monthly stipend equal to that of Lyra's Council.


Setting an expectation of compensation for GrantsDAO allows Lyra to attract and maintain the best talent possible.



This LEAP aims to establish an incentives structure for Lyra’s GrantsDAO.


LEAP - 17 established Lyra’s GrantsDAO and as an incentivized role that will be paid a monthly discretionary stipend by the LyraDAO. After the first epoch of GrantsDAO, the workload has become clear. We are now able to formalize appropriate compenation for GrantsDAO going forward.

Technical Specification

This LEAP sets the compensation for the GrantsDAO as equal to that of Council.

Configurable Values

Lyra Council and GrantsDAO members will receive the following each month: $2500 worth of LYRA, using the open price on coingecko on the first of each month. If this price is less than $0.05, the DAO may pay council members in USDC.

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